Creating Your Internship Report by Using 7 Internship Student Report Templates

Doing an internship in a company or institution will give more experience in applying the knowledge of the students into the real world. After accomplishing a course, students usually make a report to complete the program.

Architecture Student Internship Report Template sample

If you are challenged to create your internship report by yourself, this article can guide you to provide it. Or, you can download one of the 7 internship report templates directly to have it one.

Experiences during the Internship in One of 7 Internship Student Report Templates

The report of the internship is usually a requirement from the schools or the company in which you do your course. The report can be the platform for you to perform your writing skills in sharing the experiences you’ve got during the internship program.

Internship Report Accounting Student sample

If you are getting confused in making the report, there are 7 internship student report templates you can use as the guidelines to provide your report to your school or the company. Read the information about this kind of model below.

What are 7 internship student report templates about?

As a student, your internship time is valuable to upgrade your skills. No wonder when you’ve finished it, you’ll be asked to provide a report. You can use the templates since they are about how you serve the internship report to your school or company. The models will tell you about the elements of the story.

  • There should be an introduction part. In this part, there will be a background of the internship program done in a company/institution. It is also about the reasons why you do the internship there.
  • There is a section where you can share your experiences in accomplishing your internship. You can write the incidents you’ve met during your placement, as well.
  • You write the self-evaluation, which can provide the analysis of performance. You can assess what you’ve done in the company, which shows your performance during the internship program.
  • There is a section of visual documentation which reports your activities during the program.

Internship Report Fashion Design Student sample


The purpose of the internship report

When you choose one of 7 internship student report templates, ensure that you’ve understood the use of the models. There are some purposes you can use to provide it.

  • It helps you to sharpen your writing skills
  • It can be a platform to assess what you’ve done during the internship so that you can reflect on what is good and bad in the program
  • It can be a document to show your personal experiences

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The 7 internship student report templates can be effective ways of providing an internship report for the students since they have to assess themselves about the program.