When there is an employee who could not attend to work, there will be someone responsible for noticing it. It could be you as the supervisor. Using the absence report template will be an alternative to get the information about the absence since it will affect the payroll as well.


The Absence Report Template Can Help You Taking Note

The report will serve you the information about the absent employee on the day. You can get the details about the employees such as the name, the reasons why s/he could not attend to work, and the date of absence as well. It can be a recording document of the total working days of the employees.

You can provide the report by using the template. There are many available absence report templates you can use. But you can create it by yourself.

How to make an absence report template?

If you are the supervisor or manager of a company who has the responsibility in managing the attendance of the employees, the absence report will be beneficial. You can create it by following the steps below.

  • Choose a program that you master to create the template. You can use Ms. Word or Excel to provide the model
  • Make the columns to write the information about the absent employees such as the names, job title, date, and the types of absence like vacation leaves, or sick
  • State the reasons why the employees could not attend to work


The tips to manage the absence of the employees in a workplace

Having many employees with high absences in a month could be frustrating. You can give them the rewards to decrease the high absence of the employees. The tips for managing it are as below.

  • You can give them the incentives for the employees who seldom propose the absence
  • You can offer them more holidays for who are non-absence
  • You can start to monitor the absences in aim to look for the trends
  • Using a clear absence policy can be beneficial
  • You can apply the return-to-work interview
  • You have to treat every employee equally so that they are reluctant to ask more leaves   

The absence report template is the way you record your employees’ absence and do research in the absence trend. So, you’ll know better about the reasons for their leaving.