Autopsy Report: A Document to Show One’s Death and The Cause

If you are suspicious of someone’s death, especially if s/he is your beloved people who suddenly died, you can ask an autopsy to the authorized persons. You’ll get the autopsy report for the examination of the autopsy. There will be information about her/his death and the causes.

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Definition of Autopsy Report

Before going to the autopsy report, you need to know the definition of autopsy so that you can get the idea of the report. An autopsy is a holistic medical examination of a dead body of a person. It is usually performed by authorized medical workers such as doctors and nurses in a clinical autopsy.

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This clinic will establish the report after they examine the autopsy. It is about how and why the person died. It can also determine the disease or injuries had by the person. The purposes of the autopsy can be medical and legal, as well.

1. What is included in an autopsy report?

The pathologist or the forensic doctor writes an autopsy report. They usually include several items of information in the story, such as:

  • The autopsy procedure
  • The microscopic findings
  • The medical diagnoses
  • The clinical outcomes such as the doctor examination, the laboratory tests, and radiology findings
  • The pathologic findings
  • The summary of the autopsy

Creating this report will take couples weeks to make it valid and complete at once. The establishment could be delayed if there is a toxicology test requested. The demanded party, like the family, will be given a copy of the report.

2.  Why is there a request for an autopsy report?

When an autopsy is going to be done, it means that the body of a dead person will not be intact anymore. So, there are some urgent reasons to do the autopsy. The medical examiner or coroner is the institution that can request an autopsy report without any permission from the authorized people. The reasons can be:

  • Due to the crime involved
  • The death because of an incident or suicide
  • The unexpected death or sudden death
  • The end of a person in a police officer’s custody.
  • The death due to the medical procedure
  • The mortality during pregnancy

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The autopsy report will deliver the needs of the medical purposes or legal purposes which are considered as the urgency.