Start Your Action Plan Based On The Result Stated On The Budget Report Template

The budget report template serves you a comparison of your projected budget and actual budget. It can also provide you various items of information so that you’ll create your action plan well.

Annual Budget Plan Report sample


Budget Report Template Helps You in Planning the Budget for A Project

Since the budget report template provides you a comparison of the budgeting, you can use the information stated to plan the budget for the next project. This template can serve you information about the level of expenditure and mentioning the causes of the scale.

Annual Budget sample

The result of the budget report can be used to make the action plan for your next project since you can get information on the estimated cost. Moreover, you’ll know the unnecessary items which you can cut so that you save more budget in running a project.

1. The format of budget report template

If you want to compose a budget report, you need to understand the format of the template. It usually contains some elements.

  • The estimated value is to show the projected budget values when you decide to run a project.
  • The actual value is to describe the actual values based on the projected budget.
  • The budget variance is to state the difference value of the estimated and actual costs.
  • The budget percentage is to show how many percents you can reach the estimated budget based on the actual budget stated.

2.  The differences between financial report and budget report

If you ever heard about the financial report, you may ask yourself about the differences between those two reports. Here’s the answer to it.

  • The budget report is a document to plan the resource while the financial report is a document you need when you want to plan your business actions.
  • The budget report describes the operation, sales, production, and the marketing budget of a company that compares the estimated value and factual ones. Still, the financial report is all about the reports where the budget report is a part of it and stated in the financial statement. This financial report provides discussions and analysis of the budget report.

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The budget report template is to show the overview of the comparison of the actual budget and the estimated value of a project. The result can be used to start planning the action plan of the project.