Create Your Business Activity Report Template

This business activity report template allows you to record the activities that happen in your daily business basis. They could be meetings, sales, supplying, and many more. This report template will be handy to summarize the performed business activities by an employee during a period to the management of a company.


Who Does Need This Business Activity Report Template?

The function of the template is to record and track the activities done in a specific period. This business activity report template is usually used by the salespersons to report their jobs done. The report can be for finance, the project, the plans, and the expenditures and budget.


The report of business activity could be weekly, monthly, or annually. But mostly, they use the monthly report to describe their actions during a month. Why is it essential to use the monthly business activity report template?

1. The purpose of monthly business activity report template

You can use a template that is useful to report your tasks per month. This template summarizes all the activities you’ve made in doing your jobs during the month. Other purposes are:

  • It will show the management about the exact date as to when the action is executed.
  • It describes what the activity is about, as well as the details of each activity.
  • It shares the location where the activity has been done.


2. The format of business activity report template

The general format of the template is below.

  • The cover of the report lists the title of your report, the name of your company, and the location. There is a date when you create one of the reports.
  • The next page is a table content which allows the readers to get the information directly.
  • The summary of the business activities will be next. It contains the background, and the method used.
  • The next is about the elaboration of the report, which is the main body of it.
  • This is the last part with the conclusions and recommendations. If you have additional information, you can state it before the completion. The charts and graphics will be beneficial in the report to show the visual description of your activities during a month. Place them on the page after the conclusion.

The business activity report template is used to give an overview of what you’ve done during a month in accomplishing your jobs.