Record Your Sales Call Activity Using Call Report Template

call report template is usually to record the sales call activity, which is done by salespersons. It provides the record to track what’ve been done. The model of the report offers you a comprehensive summary of sales activity.

If you are the supervisor or other higher management person, this template can help you to know how far the salespersons do their tasks in promoting the product of your company.

The Call Report Template Is Popular Among the Salespersons

Due to the functions of the call report template, it has been popular among the salespersons. They use the model to track and record the calls they’ve made. This template gives them a great time saver and energy, as well.

They don’t need to create by themselves but only to download it on the internet, which has been adjusted based on what they need. The report template highlights the appropriate information due to the call report that is to be submitted to their supervisors. But, if you wonder to know how to create the template, you can do it now.

1. Create the call report template

There are five easy steps to create your template of the call report.

  • Open Ms. Word program and create a new document.
  • Write down a title page that includes your report name file as well as your full name and your contact information.
  • Adjust a table which consists of several columns to write the numbers, comment, names of the clients, and additional information you need.
  • Write down the contents into the table, such as the phone number, the length of your call, time of the day, action taken, and other information.
  • If you feel it is sufficient information added, you can save and use it directly.

2. The functions of the call report template

  • As a supervisor, it helps you to track the salespersons who have done the jobs well
  • For the salespersons, it helps them to understand the market area so that they design the strategy in promoting the product
  • It can be a reference for the companies to research the impact of the sales calls on their product sales.

The call report template is usually used by the sales agents to record what they’ve done as well as to track the calls they’ve made. This template is beneficial for both the salespersons and the companies.