An audit should be done in any aspect of a company. It is to check whether the regulations and guidelines are followed and executed well by the employees. A report of compliance is all about the result of the audit. You can use the compliance audit report templates to make the report quickly and ensure that there is not anything left behind.

Company Compliance Audit Report Template sample


The Result in The Compliance Audit Report Templates

The report of compliance audit will document the regulations and guidelines that should be followed and complied by the employees and the management as well. It will report the parts of the company, which is non-compliant and to improve compliance.

Compliance Audit Procedures Guide sample

It also will identify the wrong processes happen in a company as well as the identification of the fault actions. The result of the report can be used to create an action plan. The compliance audit report templates could show how compliant is a company in its regulations and guidelines.


1. The items that are in the compliance audit report templates

You need to know the components of the report so that you can prepare many things when the audit time comes.

  • A report template of compliance audit has the title to indicate the functions of the document
  • The authorizing people who do the inspection and the entity which is audited are stated in the report.
  • There will be general statements about the audit conducted.
  • The statements about the things that are complied well and need to be improved are included in the report.
  • There will be a result of the compliance audit holistically.
  • The standard regulations and guidelines of the company where the audit is taken are also part of the report.
  • The signature and the name of auditors, the date of auditing, the time of the report made are to complete the story.


2. The benefits of conducting an audit

  • The audit could investigate the fraud and irregularities in a company or organization
  • It could identify the areas which need to be corrected due to the inappropriate actions of regulations.
  • It could determine the source of a company that is still usable or damaged.

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The compliance audit report templates can be used to identify the business risks and opportunities as well due to the regulations and guidelines compliance.