Consulting Report: What’s To Know?

When an organization has particular matters and doesn’t have any expertise to solve, a consultant is called to give professional advice or solution to it. Then, the consulting report is established to elaborate on the matters and share opinions about certain subjects that are under investigation.

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Consulting Report

consulting report is a document given to an organization that calls a consultant to seek the advice and solution to the problems that occurred. This report is about the result of an investigation or research done on a particular subject, which is considered as the main problem.

Business Consulting Report Template sample

It is a kind of problem-solving document which contains the details of the problems, including suggestions, opinions, and advice from the consultant.


1.  What are the main information of a consulting report?

The report comes up with several items of important information that are valuable for an organization to solve the problems faced. The data is gained from the research or investigation of a particular subject of the organization.

  • consulting report usually starts with the problem of the clients.
  • It continues with the examination of the problem in which the methods are chosen by the consultant based on her/his perspective.
  • There will be recommendations and solutions to take to overcome the problem.


2.      The format of a consulting report

When you look at a consulting report, the format of the description is usually typical. There are some essential components of the report stated in the story.

  • The report will have a title page that contains the information such as the report name, the name of a consultant and the company, the client’s name, date to deliver the report.
  • The table of contents is the next page to list the content you write in your report. It includes all sections of the story and the page numbers.
  • The executive summary is to summarize and analyze the issue and the solutions to the problems.
  • The introduction section is to state the purpose of writing the report, problems issued, and methods used.
  • The analysis section is to list the analysis of problems, including the statistical data.
  • The recommendations are to mention the suggestions to solve the problems.
  • The last necessary information is the conclusion, which is to conclude all the contents of the report.

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The consulting report can be adjusted based on the requirements of the clients or the subject investigated. So, the formats can be varied.