Design Report Template Documents The Solution Of A Specific Problem

If you design a system and there are problems then, you are responsible for giving them solutions to problems that occur.

This can be in the design of solutions delivered through a design report template. This template will offer you a secure way to fill up to record the problem and giving a solution as well.


The Purpose of The Design Report Template

This kind of template is about to give the solution of a defined problem. That occurred, which is happened to the system you design. The aim of the report template is as the platform to communicate the solution as well.

The persons who need the report can be from various departments. They are anyone who implements your design, or at least, understand it well. Usually, the design report template is used to document the problem of the clients who order your plan for their business.


 1. The sections of the design report template

Before you start making the report, you need to acquire the structure of it. Most templates offered on the internet consists of three sections.

  • The first section is the problem definition. In this section, you’ll define the problem that occurred and describe it in detail. This section includes several items, such as the scope of the problem, technical review, and design requirements.
  • The second section is about design. It is about how you organize the problem and offer the clients solutions. This section includes an overview, a detailed description, and how your design is used.
  • The last section is the evaluation. It is about how you give the solution to the problem that occurred. It includes an overview of the approach. The action plans to evaluate the design, the description of the prototype, and the testing and results. In this section, you need to tell the clients about the strength and weaknesses of your design. And, you need to state the next step that is about the description of how your project design will work.


 2. The writing style of the design report

When you decide to create a design report, you have to mind your language used. It should be the formal language with the high effectiveness of the sentences. Make sure that your style shows you a professional.

The design report template will be useful for you who offer the clients the design of a project.