Disciplinary Report: A Recorded Document of The Employees’ Misbehave

The disciplinary report is a written document that records the misbehaved actions of the employees. Employers can take disciplinary action in response to employee performance issues with this report.

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The Disciplinary Report Allows The Superiors Taking The Actions To Solve Misbehaved Issue

Once the report is written to record the performance of an employee, it explains the misconduct actions of the employee. It leads the superiors to take disciplinary action.

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The action may come in the form of a written or verbal one. The purpose is to correct the behaviors stated in the report.


1. Compose the disciplinary report

If you still don’t have any idea about composing the report, this article will guide you to start writing it one. Following the steps below:

  • The first thing you do about reviewing the misbehave issue of an employee is to consult it with the human resource department officers. It is critical since the company you are working in has the rules to follow.
  • You should write the report as soon as possible after you get the data about the employee’s misbehavior. Ask the persons who recognize the problems and act on them quickly.
  • All you need to keep in mind when creating it is that you have to stay focus on the facts. Don’t judge the accused employee based on the opinions.
  • Mentioning this problem specifically will help you get the solution too.
  • Before you submit the report to your superiors, you need to check it for the errors you may make. Ensure that you don’t write the information based on the opinions only.
  • It would be best if you did it in private.

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2. The aims of the disciplinary report

There are some purposes in writing the report.

  • It is to document the incident of misbehaving of an employee
  • It is also to emphasize the consistency and equality in the procedures of the company
  • It can be used as a reference for the future that shows the actions taken for particular behavior issues


The disciplinary report needs to be to the point. It is vital to avoid the ambiguity of the perceptions of the readers so that certain disciplinary actions can be taken directly.