Getting To Know Better About Employee Activity Report Template

This employee activity report template features a description of the employees’ performance. This kind of model will help understand their performance during the days they work in the company.

Daily Activity Report for Temporary Employee Template sample


The Employee Activity Report Template Can Be Provided Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

This template is beneficial when you want to know the performance of particular employees. It describes each activity they do in a specific period. You can get a detailed summary of their performance in managing the jobs through the employee activity report template.

Employee Daily Activity Report Template sample

If you are in charge of analyzing the employees’ performance, you can use this kind of template as well. It will be better to report their performance weekly so that you can improve their performance earlier. But, if you want to get it in detail, the better choice is to conduct it daily. The monthly employee activity report will give you a picture of their performance in a month.


1. The elements of employee activity report template

In conducting the report, you need to state the essential elements of the report.

  • It should explain the activity of the employee in detail. The details include the date of the activities conducted and the names of the team who perform the exercises.
  • The duties of the team members should be stated well. This section is to monitor whether the employees do the tasks correctly or not.
  • There will be the challenges of organizing the activities. They will lead the superiors to make decisions correctly since they will consider them when the team can’t do the tasks well.

Employee Monthly Activity Report Template sample


2. The importance of the employee activity report

There are several functions of the report to be written. They are:

  • The report will serve the group communication
  • It can inform the team members about what they are doing and the achievements they get.
  • This report also describes whether the activities are successful or not.
  • It can give the employees motivation to finish their duties on time.

The employee activity report template helps not only the employees but also the higher authorized persons to understand what has been done by them. It can be a reference to analyze the performance of the employees during a specified period.

Employee Personnel Activity Report sample Employee Weekly Activity Report Template sample Employee Work Activity Report Template sample

Moreover, this kind of template is easy to get on the internet. You need to think of the customizable template to adjust your needs in the model.