The energy audit report templates are used when a company wants to check and understand the energy wasted for its activities. This model can be the reference to manage the next working plan in saving energy. Besides, through the template, a company can understand the areas which consume more energy and can use it to cut down the energy consumption if it is needed.


Do the Energy Audit Report Templates Inform the Economic Statements?

Typically, the energy audit report templates contain information relating to the consumption of energy of a company or facility. This template is to measure how much energy is used to do the activities in a specific area. It is also to monitor the progress and provide information about metering the real-time consumption of energy.

But, in some templates of the energy audit report, they involve the economic calculations and statements such as the internal rate of return. It is used to gain the funding of conservation projects.


1.  Types of energy audit report templates

You don’t need to worry when you are responsible for providing the report for your company. You can use the templates on websites and choose one of them as the best option to accommodate your needs in reporting. Here are the types of energy audit reports you need to know before you decide one of them.

  • Benchmarking energy audit report is to inform the issues dealing with the characterization of a building and use the index of performance.
  • The walk-through audit report is to identify the areas which use excessive energy that lead to inefficiency energy.
  • The general audit report of power is to detail the energy used by a company and give complete information about it.
  • The investment-grade audit report of energy is to audit the industrial operations, the costs of maintenance, and other information dealing with a facility so that it can be upgraded.


2. The benefits of an energy audit report

This report can give you more benefits, such as:

  • It is to understand how energy is wasted to conduct the activities in a company.
  • It can identify excessive energy use and provide solutions to overcome it.
  • The people in a company could be more aware of saving energy and applying the habits of saving energy.

Through this energy audit report templates, you can start to decide the strategy for saving the energy in conducting the activities in your company.