Using an evaluation report template will simplify your work as the higher position officer or the senior of your subordinates. You can take a look at what you need to evaluate them in a template so that you can provide a proper evaluation report for your superiors.

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The Use of Evaluation Report Template

The template is one of the documents you provide to understand the overall weaknesses and strengths of the individuals in a team. This evaluation report template will come in handy in serving you with those items of information.

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You can use the template to do a regular evaluation interval for your subordinates in which the result can help them to develop and improve their strengths and decrease their weaknesses to be more efficient in accomplishing the tasks.


1.  The components of an evaluation report template

If you want to create a report of an evaluation, you can use the template which can ease you to provide the relevant information in the assessment. The components you need to know are:

  • The title of the report should be the first component you write in your evaluation report. It includes your name as the writer and the preparation date.
  • There should be an executive summary that contains a review of the report subject briefly.
  • The introduction section is about the introductory of the report before you go further.
  • The scope, which is the focus of the evaluation, resources, and methods, are the next components that you have to mention.
  • Summary and recommendations are about the findings, conclusion of the audit, and the suggestions you give to the audited subject to improve more. This section is about your interpretation of what the subject’s doing in accomplishing the tasks.

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2. The tips to create an evaluation report

Here are the tips you can use to provide the report.

  • You need to consider the purpose of your audit, which is to focus on doing the inspection.
  • Gain the necessary details which are included in the report.
  • You have to think of the audience of your report so that you can anticipate the questions given to you about the result of your report.

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The evaluation report template can be a formal report since it contains the essential parts of any process of evaluation. It can be the best way to evaluate the subordinates about their weaknesses and strength in conducting the jobs.