The Elements Inside The Examples of Book Report Format

The book report is a paper or document that use to summarize the storybook that you have read. The book report can use either in educational or literacy purposes. The educational purpose usually used by the teachers who give a task for their students in the school. In literacy purposes, book reports used for archive or discussion material. Sometimes, they need examples of book report format while creating a book report for guidance.


The Contents Inside The Examples of Book Report Format

After you have read a storybook, then you are going to create a book report, or you get a task from your teacher to create a book report. You often have a little bit confused about what you supposed to write down inside the book report, or you even don’t have any idea at all about what is the element inside the book report.

To solve the confused about writing a book report, you have to look at the sample of a book report. You will found out the elements inside the book report then you have to write and fill each part with your storybook that you have read and analyzed. These are the elements that you will see inside the book report.


1. Sometimes, in the different examples of book report format, there is including a name

Different sample surely has a different style; there is a book report sample that includes the name and not.

Name inside this case will fill with the people who have read a storybook and going to write their story’s report.

2. Introduction

Title of the storybook, author of that storybook, and the reason of people write the report are the contents inside this element.


3. Setting

Describe the location and the time of each story part inside the storybook.


4. Character

Mention the name, personality, and purpose of the characters inside the storybook, whether it is the main character or just supporting.


5.   Point of View

This element explains how the writer of the story going to give the perspective to tell the story. There are 3 points of point of view.

  • The first-person point of view
  • The Second-person point of view
  • The third-person point of view


6. Conclusion

In the last one, the book report writer has to explain the lesson from the storybook that the readers are going to get.

After you know the elements that you going to get from the examples of book report format, you can reduce your confused about the book report.