Exception Report Template As The Project Manager Responsibility

The reason for the project manager has to create an exception report is when the Project Manager tries to control the project and find out a blunder inside the project. The Project Manager may need to remind how to create an exception report with the exception report template. The Project Manager is going to get advice or solution from The Project Board after giving the exception report to the Project Board.

Audit Exception Report Template sample


The Type of Blunder That Includes The Exception Report Template

While doing a project, sometimes the project is not going well because of some issues. The Project Manager’s job is controlling, evaluating, and reporting all the things which include inside of the project. The Project Manager has to say to the Project Board when there is something wrong with the project. That is the way the Project Manager should exist inside the project to make sure the project is always under control.

The blunder in the exception report case means there is an incompatibility between the Project Board’s plan, expectation, and the actual condition of project progression. These are the blunders that usually happen in the project.


 1. The exception report template for over budgeting production

It occurs when the budget plan or cost estimation of the project that gave by the Project Board not following the actual condition. The incompatibility budget is not the Project Manager’s fault because the inconsistency market price can change anytime.

Business Plan Exception Report sample

The Project Manager has to monitor project activity every time to avoid personal loss because of the miss-match of budget.


2.  The delay of the project estimation time

As a competent and experienced Project Manager, surely must know the estimation time for each type of project. It should don’t have a problem with the Project Board’s time plan. However, everything happens while doing a project and out of the Project Manager’s control. Something goes wrong with the production tool, or probably because of the weather.

Exception Report Template sample


3. Outside of production level

The exception in this type is similar to the last one. The difference is: outside of the production level caused by the human thing in odd times.

Through the less productivity of the workers is the biggest reason for the production level can’t reach the production level set by Project Board. Without excuse, the Project Manager still has to report to the Project Board.

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The Project Manager inevitably must avoid creating an exception report. However, something can happen while doing a project and force the Project Manager to look at the exception report template.