Creating Executive Summary of A Report For Investors

Researching before starting the business is an important thing and must be not be forgotten if they want to have an everlasting. The result of research activity inevitably becomes many report documents that use to lead the business to reach the goal. They have to create an executive summary of a report to avoid wasting the time of reading a lot of documents that they have made based on their research.


Tips Creating Executive Summary of A Report To Have Acceptance From The New Investors

After you researched and found out the high chance probable investors for funding your project, you have to create a proposal for your business. You need to inform the summarized document from your executive report and make the best first impression of your bid to get a deal from the new investors.

The investors are busy people that sometimes don’t have much free time, and you have to impress them with your proposal as fast as you can. However, besides the fast, you also need to inform them clearly with your data research and information about your prospective project.


1. The language of an executive summary of a report

The executive report is a formal thing, but you also need adjusting your prospective project personality while creating an executive report. For instance, if your project personality is something like a fun activity or business for teenagers and you decide to write the executive report like a president’s speech-language, it is going to be hard to accept. You also don’t write an executive report too casual, because it is going to be cringe for the new investors.


2. Create as an infographic

Although you have summarized your executive report as a more simple, creating in infographic style may going better. People more like to see a graphic or image instead of narrative writing.

Beside more comfortable to read, organizing the information as a graphic also give the investors less time to finish reading your executive report. You also don’t abuse the graphic and make the information didn’t send cleary to the investors.


3.      Giving the conclusion

After you explain all of the information about your prospective business. You have to provide information about the advantage of your project for the new investors. Also, you can write the further step of your project and make some future probability about your project.

executive report template sample

I hope with some tips about the executive summary of a report above this one, it may help you to win the investors.