The Function and Type of Expense Report Sample

There are so many business activities that urge the company to create a report for the responsible thing. One of them is an expense report, and the company can look at the expense report sample for listing down the critical part that the company should include inside it.

Annual Business Expense Report sample


The Function and Type of Expense Report Sample

For a company primarily for low until mid-low company creating the expense report is so essential because the small and the mid-low company have to secure their financial keep healthy for their growth purposes.

Annual Income and Expense Report sample

The responsibility of creating the expense report in the activity of business has a function for both parties. For the company itself and also the employees while doing a business activity. These are the function of the company and employee while creating an expense report.


1.  The purpose of creating the expense report sample while doing business activity

Behind the responsibility of creating an expense report of business activity for the report surely has a means and function. The employees and even the company itself didn’t realize there are a function and meaning behind creating an expense report for their business activity.

  • The purpose of the company

The advantage of creating an expense report for business activity is the company has a specific note or list about the outcome from the company’s business activity. With them all, the company also can use that thing as the analysis material. As I mentioned before, the small until the mid-low company has to make sure their finance keep healthy.

  • The purpose of the employees

The employees, while doing a business activity, usually meet a condition that forces them to use their money. If the employees don’t want to lose their funds to pay their company’s operation, they have to create an expense report as a piece of evidence to get the reimburse. With an expense report as a reimburse, the employees can get their money back.

2.  The type of expense report

From a lot of business activity, the expense report can handle some of them. These are the instance of that activity.

  • Travel expense

For listing down all the stuff’ price that they needed and spent while doing traveling for business

  • Daily expense

This expense can use for all daily business activities such as promotion, advertisement products, and transport.

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They often use an expense report sample as a procedural thing that they have to create while doing a business activity and don’t care about the function of it.