The Party Who Create The External Audit Report Templates

The companies are familiar with the activity of auditing inside the company activities. There are internal audits and external audits. The companies creating external audit report templates as their external audit report after the action of internal audit have done.

Corporate External Audit Report Template sample


The Person Who Able To Create External Audit Report Templates For The Companies.

Both of them have the same job. The auditor or the party who able to do a review for the companies, whatever it is internal or external, has the same purpose. They are trying to match up between the same amount of companies with the statement or report that companies have created.

Formal External Audit Report Template sample

After the auditor doing an audit, there are two responsible things. If the statement or report compatible with the auditor’s report, the auditor has to explain it. If they are not compatible, the auditor has to check and investigate until finding out the fault that makes them not fit.


1.  Who is the party who able to create external audit report templates for the companies

The party or person who able to audit for the companies is a personal accountant from the specific firm that the companies have chosen.

Report of the External Auditor Template sample

A personal accountant or external auditor from the companies’ choice doesn’t have bound with those companies. They are just doing their job for the companies to audit their statements or report.


2.  The difference between the external and internal auditor

Even though they have a similar role, but they have a little bit different in their job’s status.

  • Payment

The internal auditors are more like an employee of the company that gets a monthly salary. The external auditors are doing their job while the company chooses them and pays them based on the project.

  • Job Desk

The internal auditors have to give and report the result of their audit to the internal company management. The external auditors report their review to the shareholders of the company. The external auditors have a more comprehensive rather than the internal auditors.

  • Work Time

The internal auditors have a similar work time as other employees because they have to do daily auditing. The external auditors get a job from the company only once in a year.

Sample Independent External Audit Report Template sample Simple External Audit Report Template sample Summary of External Audit Report Template sample WIPO External Audit Report Template sample

With the explanation above this one, you probably more understand about the audit and know the people or party who can create external audit report templates for the companies.