Event Field Report Template For Event Organizer

An event organizer has to create a field report after the event because of some reason. Looking at the field report template may give you little help to know what is the things that supposed to include inside it. Even though that is an experienced event organizer, look at the template while creating the field report is going to make it easier.


The Functions Of Field Report Template and The Contents That You Should Put Inside It

If you are work on an event organizer, you also need to focus on after the event while you are going to hold an event. They feel like after the event has done, their job also is done. Sometimes they forget about the next that they have to do, which is creating an event field report because the event surely can’t be held without the role of so many parties.


1. The function of the event field report template as an event organizer

These are the main reasons why an event organizer has to create an event field report and also the advantage that the event organizer is going to get.

  • Event field report as a responsibility

Creating a field report as responsibility usually comes from the act of following up to the sponsors or investors. The sponsor and investor need to know the news of the event that they give the funds for holding it. They want to see how the event organizer uses or allocated the budget from them.

  • Event field report as a portfolio

It is the advantage of creating an event field report for the event organizers. With event field reports that they have successfully held, it gives them more chances to get sponsorship from their next event.


2. The content inside the event field report

These are the things that event organizers have to put inside the event field report.

  • Recall event’s date

Rewrite the information about the event.

  • Number of event visitor

If the event organizers don’t have the exact number of the visitor, they can also estimate it.

  • Put Audio Visual

To get the same hype as the actual event, the event organizers should put pictures or videos.

  • The sponsorship of the event

If the event organizer can deal with big corporate as their sponsor, it gives more chances to get a new sponsor for the upcoming project.

However, the event organizer can get an advantage besides creating an event field report template as a responsibility.