The Types Of Financial Audit Report Templates

The internal and external auditors can use the financial audit report templates to write down and clarify the work that they have been doing as the auditor of the company.


4 Types of Opinions of Financial Audit Report Templates

After the auditors or the accountants finish their job for the company that they work on it. They have to be responsible for reporting the result to the internal management also to all the stakeholders. The

The worksheet or audit report filled with opinions and summaries from their analyze about the financial of the company. These are four types of opinions or statements that the auditors have created after auditing the company full of transparency.


1. Unqualified opinion from financial audit report templates

The result of unqualified audit opinion means the auditors didn’t find anything wrong out and cannot find any un match things between the company’s statement and reality. It is a good sign for the company because it means the company was doing well with the financial statement.

2. Qualified opinion from financial audit report templates

This opinion similar to the unqualified opinion. The auditors cannot find a specific error about the company’s financial statement, but there is something that the company has to improve. It can be the company that didn’t make the standard account report while creating a financial report.

3. Adverse opinion from financial audit report templates

It is going to be a piece of bad news from the company, the auditors find something wrong inside the company’s financial statement, and this is called the misstatement by the company. The company that has adverse opinion financial audit will have difficulty when trying to lend funds from the banks for extending the business.

4. Disclaimer opinion from financial audit report templates

Disclaimer opinion is the worst opinion of the financial audit. It can happen when the auditors refuse to clarify the result of auditing or even cannot make the opinion of the company because of independency. The auditors also can give the disclaimer opinion to the company while the company declares to be bankrupt soon.

Those four types of financial opinions of the financial audit report templates usually created by the third party, which means they are the external auditors.