Controlling The Employee With Free Weekly Report Template

Every employee in each department had a different desk job that they have to finish it. The companies need to monitor their employees about what the employees have done in a week. With the free weekly report template, undoubtedly make the companies more comfortable to get the weekly report of them.


Why free weekly report template made the company more comfortable to create a weekly report?

Besides the weekly report, there are reports that the company commonly uses as their period report. They are daily and monthly report. However, this time, we are going to discuss the weekly more.

In the function aspect, the weekly report seems more functional rather than a daily and monthly report. All of the periodic reports for sure have a decent function, but I thought the weekly report is better. Before we talk about why weekly more have a significant role, we start with the reason why the companies should use a free template instead of creating by themselves.

1.  The free weekly report template offers the efficiency

Apparently, instead of creating the report by themselves, use an available report template is not takes a longer time. The companies only need to download and print the available free template out and then fill according to their needs. It is like adjusted time and fills the subject with their employees.

If it takes no longer time, surely the companies can allocate their time to do everything rather than creating a weekly report by own.

2.  Why weekly report better than daily and monthly

The weekly report needs an average time. Not too fast but not too long, though, different from daily and monthly. However, the reason for the companies creating a period report is for taking an analyze about it.

The daily report feels like it is too fast because we can’t see the progress inside it. The monthly report is the opposite of daily. It takes too long to use as an analyzing material. That is the why weekly report better than daily and monthly in the case of analyzing purposed.

3.  The function

From the result, the companies are going to get the working progress of their employees. They are going to know which employee who is doing good, which one who had terrible work.

It can use by the companies to increase their quality working of their employees.

After what the article has explained, the companies are probably going to get a decent choice while creating their weekly report because the free weekly report template gives the time efficiency.