Obtain An Overall Picture of A Case By Using Investigation Report

The investigation report is to identify anything dealing with the concerned party about a specific incident that occurred in the past. It is also about the actions taken regarding the situation. This kind of report contains information that can help to solve the incidents under the investigation.

Who Can Write An Investigation Report?

Due to the function, which is to inform anything concerning a particular incident which involved a specific party, the authorized persons who can provide the investigation report are those who work for the police or other departments of law enforcement.

Those people can be working within the company or the detectives. If you are commanded to create this kind of report, you can use the information in this article to serve your superiors the overall investigation report.


1.  The components of the investigation report

Each report usually has a specific format or structure in providing particular information on the case. For the investigation report, the structure of it is:

  • It contains general case information. You can include your name if you are reporting the investigation, the case number, and the essential dates.
  • You need to state the purpose of the investigation, which can define the objectives of the report.
  • There will be a summary, which is about the overview of the incident, the parties involved, and the causes. This summary is also about the outcomes of the investigation.
  • The description of the investigated incidents is vital in the report.
  • The documentation of the interviews and its summary will serve the readers with detailed information about it.
  • There will be the evidence and the findings section, which is to deliver sufficient information about the case.
  • The next section is the recommendation and the conclusion of the investigation.


2.  How to write an investigation report?

After recognizing the structure of the report, the steps in creating it are below.

  • You have to keep in mind the purpose of the investigation
  • You need to collect the information during the investigation
  • After gathering the information, you need to arrange it into sections
  • State the facts in your report
  • Think of the language used in the report

The investigation report will be beneficial for the police officers to get an overview of a case. This report can be a reference to decide the next action regarding the situation.