The Benefits Of Making A Meeting Report

In the activities of the meeting and discussion of the report, the results of the meeting must be available as a summary of the entire contents of the activity. Usually in the form of brief, concise, and systematic notes. These meeting report can be used as documentation so that we can review and improve efforts with the ideas discussed.

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Benefits And Functions Of A Meeting Report

There are so many benefits and functions of a meeting report. Let’s look at some of the following benefits.

  1. As proof that the meeting was held

It will contain matters regarding the place, time and date of the meeting, the number of participants both present and absent, and a series of activities that have taken place.


  1. As a guideline for the next meeting

The meeting is adjourned and requires discussion or follow-up, this report will be useful as a guide or reference for the next meeting. Matters that have not been agreed on can be seen in the report. When a follow-up meeting is conducted, this report is used to measure whether the previous agreement has evolved or not.


  1. As a reminder tool for meeting participants

Reminder, in this case, is when the next meeting opens this report is read as a reminder for all participants. This will help and speed up the meeting process because there is no need to re-discuss the results of the previous meeting to save time.


  1. Provide information to participants who are not present

The meeting is held, there are usually some participants who are not present even though they have been invited. Sometimes meeting participants already have another agenda before the meeting date is determined. In this condition, the participants must still know what was discussed in the meeting. With this report, the participants will read and know the results of the meeting.


  1. As a document

An organization or company, the meeting agenda is held as one of the pre-activity processes to be carried out. The activities that have been completed important documents will usually be used as an archive. The minutes of the meeting are also one of the important documents.

In this case, this report is used as evidence of the ongoing process of the activity because it was prepared systematically.

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The above explanations can be useful and increase knowledge about the importance of meeting reports.