Don’t Know How to Create Report Template? Here’re 43 Monthly Report Templates

Many working people realize that reporting the situation and condition of the company is a responsibility to be done. The report is about the activities done by an employee in a particular month and the plan s/he makes to accomplish the goal in the next following month.

Construction Monthly Progress Report sample

But some of them usually get confused to start making a report. This article provides you 43 monthly report templates you can use to serve what the employers want.

Keep the Standard of Your Company in Choosing One of 43 Monthly Report Templates Provided

For some companies, the reports made should fulfill their standard. If you work in one of them, you have to select a suitable template for a monthly report for your company. Make sure that the model doesn’t match the standards of it.

Dealer Monthly Sales Report sample

Many templates may meet the standards. But, you have to know the essential components of the monthly report that should be in the models. The 43 monthly report templates completed with the elements of the report.

The components that included in 43 monthly report templates

Notice the necessary components below when you want to decide to use one of the templates of the monthly report.

  • The template needs to state the activities of the last month. It is about a short recap of the activities done in a whole month.
  • The section of accomplishments done in the previous month. This section is considered as the core of the monthly report because it shows the progress of the company.
  • There should be a section of plans to be done in next month. It is the next step to take to accomplish the goal in the following month.
  • The concerns and the issues faced during last month.

Employee Monthly Activity Report sample


Types of the monthly report

Before you create one of the reports, you need to know the types of this monthly report.

  • Monthly status report is about an employee’s update of the activities done and the stated plan for the next month.
  • Monthly project report is about reporting the development of a project.
  • Monthly progress report is usually made by the contractors to describe the project so that the employers can monitor it well.

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The 43 monthly report templates need to be checked to avoid an error since it is to report the activities done and the accomplishments as well. You can select the best for your work from the available templates.